Visions & Missions
  1. Follow the motherly love spirit of the saint “St. Monica” to nurture the all-round development of children.
  2. To inspire children’s interest and potential in learning with active early childhood education concepts and measures, and lay the foundation for lifelong learning.
  3. To nurture children to have a correct and positive outlook on life, have the courage to take responsibility, and become good citizens. (Break through traditional teaching, advocate pleasant learning, learn multiple intelligences, and innovate teaching methods.)

self-directed exploration

EVIGarten is based on the concept of "self-directed exploration and learning to learn", and through AI artificial intelligence, it recommends children to watch content of interest and encourages self-exploration and learning.

Diversified Curriculum

Equipped with well-arranged diverse courses, including "Exploration 360", which leads children to explore the world; "Life Knowledge", which provides ten themes commonly used in kindergartens, and other multimedia courses for children.

study portfolio

Provide parents and children with complete learning history files, so that parents can better understand children's learning interests and pace, and promote children's active learning motivation through cute learning records.